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  Building NewOS  
  You'll Need:
  • GNU C
  • GNU gmake

  • To build newos, you need to grab a special toolchain (gcc + binutils) that I've compiled for most popular host OS's (and some less popular as well). The only supported build toolchain are the ones I've made, but you may or may not be able to pull it off if your host computer is x86 and has an ELF producing toolchain already installed. Go to here to download and install a toolchain.

    To make a standard x86 PC floppy image, simply type make. It will hopfully build a disk image at build/i386-pc/final. This is the file you want to write to a floppy to boot.

    NOTE: you need to be running the GNU make. On some systems (FreeBSD), GNU make is called gmake. So, if you get a bunch of make errors and it bails really quickly, try gmake instead of make.

    Sometimes the make system will get confused if it has stale dependencies. In that case try running make allclean or make spotless. Both of these commands will put the source tree back to it's default state. make clean removes all the compiled code and targets, but not the .d files.



    Copyright © 2001-2005, Travis Geiselbrecht. All rights reserved.
    Any question, comments, gripes, whatever: geist@newos.org.