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  What is NewOS?  
  NewOS is a open source operating system with an emphasis on design and portability. It is largely implemented in C/C++, with a small amount of assembly. Full source is available.

Currently, the system is mostly a kernel with a minimal amount of user space libraries and applications. Thus far, most of the work has been put into the kernel and other underlying support. As a result the system isn't that interesting from an end-user point of view (no gui, simple commands on a command line), but that can change given a moderate amount of work by the maintainers or any volunteers.

The main developer is Travis Geiselbrecht (geist@newos.org). You can get in contact with him in a variety of ways. Also see the acknowledgements page for a list of other contributors.

  • Explore some areas of modern OS design
  • Provide a flexible framework to build other systems out of
  • Cross-platform portability
  • Provide a clean implementation that can be used as a learning tool for others
  • Provide an educational opportunity for developers
  • To have fun!


Copyright © 2001-2005, Travis Geiselbrecht. All rights reserved.
Any question, comments, gripes, whatever: geist@newos.org.